Lists of alumni by classes are listed on this Website. Click below on the decade you graduated in to see the list from your class.

Alumni listed by decade
1930s,1940s 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s

If your information is incorrect or you are not on the list, please e-mail with your correct contact informationy.

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VAFA in Action

Have you become a VAFA member yet? VAFA - making a difference for Villisca youth. Click here to go to the VAFA page.

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If your class is having a class reunion in 2011, please send the information to and it will be posted to the appropriate decade page.

If you did not graduate but would like to receive information on alumni information, send us your contact information and we will get you on the list. Send your contact information to

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There are other ways to help the Villisca Community School District

Remember VAFA and other Villisca organizations in your estate planning.
An endowment is an opportunity to provide ongoing financial support to your favorite charity.An endowment can be established through the MCCF for a minimum amount of $10,000. Once this is established, contributions in lesser amounts can be made and Villisca would be on its way to building a good base to meet future Villisca needs and to be able to grab hold of those new opportunities that are in front of us. An endowment could be established with a single $10,000 commitment or a group of 10 with a $1,000 each or a group of 20 with $500 each can put their monies together to establish the endowment. For those interested, they can contact any member of the MCCF board. Villisca’s representative is Donna Robinson.


Boxtops4Education will contribute up to$20,000 a year for an individual school.

click here for a list of products with the boxtops4education labels - we could send $20,000 on its way to Enarson Elementary just with our boxtops if we really worked at it!!!

If you shop online and start your shopping at or

click here for a list of the 750+ stores you can shop at at

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Villisca alumni live life to the fullest as adults as they did in their school years. We celebrate Villisca alumni on this page, bringing updates of alums as well as sharing ways those with ties to Villisca can make a difference in Villisca schools today.

VAFA (the Villisca Alumni and Friends Association) is committed to enhancing and supporting the educational (both academic and extra-curricular) facilities, programs and opportunities in the Villisca community. An effective public school system and ancillary educational opportunities are vital to small-town life. Click here to go to the VAFA page.


New Members have been named to the Bluejay Hall of Fame. Click here for full information on the new members.









There have been VHS Grads since 1884.

Since 1983, Villiscans have relied on a small, locally published book to tell them in what year someone graduated from Villisca High School or to provide the name of a classmate’s sister, brother or cousin.

The book, formally named “Villisca High School Graduates” although often jokingly referred to as the Class List Bible, was originally put together to celebrate the first 100 VHS graduating classes. It has been updated several times since, most recently in 2009 in preparation for the last All-School Reunion. And it has again been updated and improved upon for the 2013 All-School Reunion.

Villisca has also entered thedigital age and this local reference book can also be found on a website dedicated to it:

The electronic version, scanned from the originals, organized, updated, and turned into a website by VHS 1960 alumnus Jim Artlip of Hunt, Texas, provides two lists; one with all the classes by each year of graduation, similar to the paper version; the second and new list provides in alphabetical order the names, followed by the year of graduation, of all 4,506 VHS graduates in the 128 commencements from 1884-2011. The new list is a great help to those who know the last name of a graduate, but can’t remember either the first name or the year of graduation.  Both lists are searchable for those who don’t want to scroll through the pages.

The website also has photos and graphics of many of the school buildings that have housed high school classes since 1872 as well as other artwork associated with Villisca’s public schools. In addition it provides a page of links to other Villisca-themed websites and Facebook groups.

Artlip said that the website isn’t meant to take the place of the printed versions of the graduation lists. “It’s just another way of accessing the information,” he notes. “And one that lets you answer your questions through the help of the internet wherever Villiscans have gathered!”

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Linda Artlip Weinstein, VHS '66, and Barbara Kemery VHS '66 set out to create a history of Villisca schools and in that process, began looking for copies of The Volcano. The copies they have found and digitized can be found at Linda and Barbara continue to look for old copies. Click here for a copy of a special parade edition Linda created for the 2011 Heritage Days Parade. In this issue, you can find information on the copies they are still looking for and get a bit of history of what they have done to find these issues of the Volcano.If you have some contact Linda and let her know what you have and discuss how to best get them to them. Her e-mail is